Almond Blossom Romance

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Our lovely couple had to cancel due to Covid. We thought it would be lovely to give them a reason to dress up and celebrate their love.

We chose the almond tree as its flower has to survive and thrive in the harsh conditions of winter and historically is a symbol of rebirth, something that felt symbolic to us in the present times. It’s blossom is a beautiful delicate flower that then gives way to the almonds that grow. In Spain, the almond is an important part of its heritage going back to Roman times when the oil was used for cooking and self care. In weddings, the Romans threw almonds over people as a symbol of children, happiness, romance, good health and fortune. Something that has continued today in the tradition of gifting wedding guests with sugared almonds in silk bags.

Since our couple live near the almond groves and the pandemic restrictions didn’t allow for much movement, we found a beautiful green grove perched high on a mountain near Antequera.  As you know the pandemic has been the unwelcome wedding crasher for so many couples but also for so many in the wedding industry.  In Southern Spain, we rely heavily on destination weddings and since travel has made so many people nervous we are still postponing weddings even when they are permitted to go ahead here.

We included elements such as a love letter for the groom to read to his bride,  a beautiful pink tulle dress for her to wear from a local designer and our lovely groom even asked her to marry him again! The best part was this was all a surprise for them since they had no idea what I meant when I asked them to be a part of this shoot. Our groom went from shy reluctance to exuberant hugs and even romantically asking her to dance with him amongst the blossom to our musicians. Yes, we even hiked an upright piano into the almond grove to accompany Quike our violinist while they played Bach Sonatas.  It truly felt like the most magical day hidden away on a mountain top amongst the almond blossom far away from the stress of a pandemic!

Event Planner: We Do Unique Weddings//Videography: @jeremy_standley_weddings//Makeup Artist: @elenapolo_muah//Stylist: @pedronavarro_es//Hair Accessories: @india_studio/Dress: @pauladelvas//Suit: @santosyevanovios//Stationery: @loveratory//Violin: @QuikeNavarro//Piano: @antoniomanzanomoreno10//Photographer: Kat Marcum

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