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Mimi & Tobie

By Mimi:

While weddings continue to get bigger and grander, we wanted ours to stay grounded in the organic nature of love. Our inspiration was the raw beauty of nature and all the love that resides in it. I imagined a castle in the forest, abandoned hundreds of years ago, overgrown with nature, creating its own beauty in the ruins. As it grows, it continues to add to the unspoken beauty. For my wedding dress, I was drawn to a more timeless, free spirited, bohemian style. I was looking up different boho designers, and stumbled upon Daughters of Simone. After reading the quote on their website, I knew I would be wearing one of their dresses. “Romance and Antique Lace, Blossom trees and Billowy Sleeves… this is what young love should feel like.” I found a local bridal boutique, The Sentimentalist, and sure enough, I walked out with a Daughters of Simone gown. There was no second guessing, no crying, I just knew it was my dress. For my wedding hair, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I always wear my hair down in waves, and I wanted to keep that look for the wedding. My hairdresser took my personality and the vision of the wedding and created a beautiful earthy version of my wavy down do.

When it came to wedding rings, I think Tobie was more indecisive than I was! I just wanted a simple gold wedding band to compliment my engagement ring, as we used my grandmother’s diamond. Tobie wanted something unique, something special, something he would love looking at everyday of his life, and he found it, because he never takes it off!

The wedding day was beautiful! It goes by in the blink of an eye. With so many things to do, there will always be minor hiccups, but here’s the secret: nobody will ever notice those minor hiccups, so just enjoy yourself!

Seeing Tobie at our first look, I couldn’t stop laughing. I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t scared, I had no regrets. I was so overwhelmed with happiness knowing that my best friend was about to become my husband, that I couldn’t stop laughing. Tobie brings me joy every second of every day, and I was experiencing an outpour of that joy in laughter and smiles.

The most special moment of the wedding for me was the repection. Seeing my family and friends and Tobie’s family and friends come together as one joyous group was a beautiful moment. No matter how different we all are, everyone came together in happiness.

Oh, and the food at the reception definitely helped make it the most special moment for me! I think we’re starting a new trend of a Sunday brunch reception.

From Tobie:

Man was I nervous. I don’t think there was enough time in the world to prepare myself for the first look. No matter how many times I reassured myself that I am a strong, confident, brave man, there was still that tidal wave of emotions that hit me harder than Mike Tyson in the 12th round. I guess I am just appreciative that I didn’t get knocked out, haha.

There was Mimi: beautiful, smiling wide, secretly hoping she sees me cry for the first time. She meant business. At that moment I felt a familiar feeling, something I had almost forgotten; a feeling of nostalgia, like how It felt back in middle school to sneak out of class to go hold a girl’s hand for the very first time. The first look was a refreshing slap in the face from my subconscious, finally pulling me out of nervous thought to grasp how awesome that day was going to be. There was an epiphany: Mimi was officially standing as my bride, and it felt awesome. I would probably have to say that the first look was the most special moment for me, considering it took me almost three days to write this, haha!

Musicians: The Atlanta Harpist//Dress Store: BHLDN//Bakery: Pastry Shells//Cake Designer: Pastry Shells//Caterer: Barnsley Gardens Resort//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: THE BLACK TUX//Hair Stylist: Robin Johnson//Shoes: Forever Soles//Apparel: The Sentimentalist//Dress Store: The Sentimentalist//Musicians: Celebration String Quartet//Musicians: Brandon Crocker//Floral Designer: tulip ~ blooming creations//Calligrapher: Dancing Pen and press//Event Planner: Laura Burchfield Events//Officiant: Reverend Jackie Gantt//Reception Venue: Barnsley Gardens Resort//Photographer: Aline Marin Photography

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