Summer White Wedding in New Jersey

A love story that started with a FB Messenger message of “How are you?” and ended in their perfect wedding combining a chic modern space and luxe glamorous details with an all-white ambiance.


Love Surrounded by Nature

These two beautiful people Salomon & Valerie made the best of their circumstances though by having the best of both worlds. Documenting their new marriage to capture that special moment in time and still planning for a 2021 destination wedding to celebrate with their family & friends.


Hometown Engagement

Katie and Matt are getting married at The Honey Farm in Lebanon, Ohio in October 2020. These pictures were taken in downtown Springboro (Katie’s hometown!), and their wedding venue.


Elegant Island Weddings

The wedding was held at an elegant villa overlooking the Caribbean sea. Their guests dined on their favorite foods from Lime Inn and danced under the stars.


An Autumnal Goldeneye Winery Wedding

The elegance of this winery was paired with two out-of-this-world things: the mind-blowing wine they poured and Leah and David’s choice of gold flatware and emerald water glasses on long rustic wood tables by Archive Rentals.

Summer/Fall 2020

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