Rafferty is not inclined to speculate about matters beyond his job description, but it seems the Army is on the verge of securing fires far superior to those any country has possessed in the past, and that may lead to big changes in how the joint force conducts warfare. In 1789 after the Revolution there was only one … The pivotal make-or-break year looks to be 2023, by which time both the hypersonic missile and long-range cannon likely will have proven themselves (tests to date have been promising). Both have invested more than $215 billion in military operations combined. Gen. Rafferty envisions a “strategic fires battalion” equipped with both the hypersonic missile and the long-range cannon that would work in concert with other services and coalition partners. U.K. Carrier Strike Group Declared Operational, Russia’s Dirty-Bomb Robo-Sub Is ‘Grotesque’—But Moscow’s Building A Base For It, Anyway, Indian Army Shows Off Drone Swarm Of Mass Destruction, Glocks, Ammo, AR-15s Sell Out As Biden Inauguration Foreshadows Tighter Gun Control. The U.S. military has partnered with both the Research and Analysis Center at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and the Center for Army Analysis to check the performance of the prototype. The Army is planning for Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) in 2035 where it will need to deter or engage a peer or near-peer adversary. The U.S. military may soon be able to shoot projectiles over a distance spanning 1,150 miles – roughly the same amount of space between Nashville, Tennessee and New York City – using a powerful long-range cannon. And while putting steel … Strategic Long Range Cannon For strategic fires, the Army is investing in hypersonics research, along with experiments on a strategic long-range cannon, which conceivably could … U.S ARMY'S SUPER GUN - STRATEGIC LONG RANGE CANNON (SLRC) - YouTube The U.S. Army could soon have a cannon that can fire much further than any gun in … To say it has been making steady progress toward that goal would be an understatement; in the near future it will begin deploying weapons that far outclass their Russian and Chinese counterparts. Assessing the Feasibility of the Strategic Long Range Cannon Project Scope: An ad hoc committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will examine the feasibility of the U.S. Army's Strategic Long Range Cannon program, which aims to fire … Disclosure: The Lexington Institute receives funding from many of the nation’s leading defense contractors, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and United Technologies. Get the world's best independent media newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC), for a hypersonic projectile, a; target capability for the Field Artillery (its howitzers) and Air Defense Artillery (a 500 km missile), and a; test case for the acquisition process of the U.S. Army. Rafferty acknowledges that the classification (secrecy) level of overhead collections will need to be changed to gain access to much of the required information, but that’s just the beginning of the challenge. “What they have to do is demonstrate the capability at each phase along the way. Watch: New long-range artillery with double the distance | Newsbreak ... is simultaneously developing the Precision Strike Missile and the Strategic Long Range Cannon to … The plans for the multi-chamber gun were archived, as they had been envisioned to coun… This Paladin self-propelled howitzer exemplifies how the Army has traditionally thought about fires. The ERCA cannon is a step ahead of a bigger program to develop a strategic, long-range cannon that could shoot 1,000 nautical miles, or 1,852 kilometers. I have also taught at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. About this Author . America's Top Givers: The 25 Most Philanthropic Billionaires, EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Biden Faces New Shipbuilding Crisis; Must Move Fast And Kill Freedom Class LCS, Art Is Cheap, Aircraft Carriers Are Expensive—Russian Shipyard Dreams Up Wacky New Flattop, Four Reasons The Navy’s Bold Plans For Its Surface Fleet Are Doomed In The Biden Era, Does Britannia Rule The Waves Again? Just as the targeting challenge demands a multi-service, multi-domain approach, so the organizational challenge entails thinking beyond the Army. cannon, long-range weapons, militarization, military, military tech, military technology, military weapon, military weapons, national defense, national security, US defense, weapons, weapons technology. And if that doesn’t happen, we are not doing it,” he added. That presumably means relying on what used to be called “national technical means,” or spy satellites. U.S. Army to test a “strategic, long-range cannon” by 2023, Situation Update, Dec. 5th – Operation Warp Speed is a CCP-engineered conspiracy to cause mass vaccine casualties across the United States military, Advanced swarming drones operated by UK defense ministry ready for deployment within months, NASA-Space Force agreement may pave the way for a military moon base, Lyme disease may be a biological weapon developed by the U.S. military, Fast, quiet, invisible: Scientists develop squid robots with potential military, scientific applications, Mysterious beams: Directed energy weapons (DEWs) linked to wildfires in California and Oregon, Defense contractors won’t be reimbursed for coronavirus expenses until 2021, says DoD, Researchers develop algorithm that will allow robots to work together with humans … or hunt us like prey, Chinese company spied on UK personalities – including the Queen and the Prime Minister, Defense Secretary Esper: China, Russia have “killer satellites” in space, Chinese professor shockingly declares Beijing has 3 ways it could nuke the entire world, Chinese scientist says COVID-19 was created by China’s military, U.S. military begins testing flying surveillance balloons across the country to TRACK people’s movements, DoD confirms $10-$20 billion Covid bailout for contractors after Trump blasted military-industrial complex, Fly on the wall: Researchers use Wi-Fi signals to “see” behind walls and identify human targets, When the voices in your head are giving orders: Pentagon scientists say “talking laser” that beams messages directly into your head coming soon, Pentagon warns: China will double the size of its nuclear arsenal in the next decade, FBI probes man flying with a jet pack near LAX, Pentagon caught illegally surveilling Americans with “covert” aircraft following George Floyd incident. Weapons with a reach of a thousand miles or more aren’t the sort of asset likely to be assigned to a standard field artillery unit. Tweet. The Army last year selected Dynetics, a Leidos (Related: NASA-Space Force agreement may pave the way for a military moon base.). Assessing the Feasibility of the Strategic Long Range Cannon. Several companies with a stake in these programs contribute to my think tank. LDOS In 1918, the French Army made plans for a very long range multi-chamber gun in response to the German Paris Gun. The Army informally refers to overcoming the sensor-to-shooter challenge in next-gen systems as “convergence,” but optimizing the use of very long-range weapons will require a targeting network that spans the entire joint force and beyond, because key sensors have diverse owners. A cannon with a 1,150 mile range is fantasy-land capability. Army Eyeing Strategic Cannon Tech with 1,000-Mile Range U.S. Army Wisconsin National Guard Soldiers from the 1-426 Field Artillery Battery operate an … The cannon system, Rafferty said, can be used to combat defensive systems such as those of China and Russia. But it was the part of the discussion bearing upon very long-range fires that provoked the most reflection, because the Army may soon have ground-based fires that exceed the unrefueled combat radius of fighter jets—fires that adversaries will be powerless to counter. MilitaryTech.news is not responsible for content written by contributing authors. Aside from the long-range cannon system, the U.S. military is also pursuing plans for other precision munitions, such as a hypersonic weapon and new strike missiles. The long-range cannon will generate less kinetic force, but be cheaper per round. At that time, the Strategic Long Range Cannon was referred to as Strategic Strike Cannon Artillery. 4 … The Army has lifted the veil on its plans for a Strategic Long Range Cannon, outlining a $228 million, three-year funding project that aims to mature technologies for both weapons and munitions in order to one day dramatically increase the reach of its artillery forces and advance a key leadership priority to bolster the punch of the service's long-range precision fires inventory. I hold doctoral and masters degrees in government from Georgetown University and a bachelor of science degree in political science from Northeastern University. But when targets potentially are a thousand miles away, a different approach will be needed. © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. All content posted on this site is protected under Free Speech. The Paris Gun was built by Friedrich Krupp AG and could bombard Parisfrom German lines over a distance of no less than 125 kilometres (78 mi). “We know we need the range in order to maintain overmatch,” Col. John Rafferty, head of the long-range precision fire cross-functional team, told Defense News. The Army will need a network that connects sensors to shooters with minimal delay. Pin. MilitaryTech.news assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of this material. A hypersonic glide missile being developed in concert with the Navy and Air Force will reach even further, presenting enemy defenders with the nearly impossible task of intercepting a maneuvering munition that is moving at five times the speed of sound.

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