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Lexi & Rahul

Lexi, a WV “girl next door”, was raised in a Catholic Church and had dreams of getting married there at a very young age. She described what her husband would be like in a high school diary insert, which her father found, and read at the reception. The description was, although they had not yet met, Rahul – 100%. Lexi quite literally met the man of her dreams when attending WVU.

Rahul’s family, being Hindu and from India, wanted to bring Lexi officially into the family by celebrating many Hindu traditions throughout the wedding weekend. These two cultures, two families, came together as one for this couple in the most beautiful way.

The ceremony was held at Lexi’s family church, St. Josephs in Huntington, WV and the reception followed at The Pullman Hotel downtown. Hundreds of guests attended both and from the moment the music started, the dance floor was full.

Accommodations: The Pullman Plaza//Dress Store: B. Loved Bridal//Dress Designer: Alyssa Kristin//Photographer: Kelli Carrico Photography

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