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Styled Shoot

Istria is well-known as a region of hospitable people, people who will always invigorate you with good wine and homemade pastries. That is where the idea of two different scenes, the sweet and wine corner, comes from. The sweet corner was refined with traditional Istrian pastries (kroštule, cukerančići and breskvice) while the wine corner was filled with the inevitable prosciutto, cheese, grapes, olive oil and wine for which the whole region is widely known.

This styled shoot tells the story through photography and showcase the skills and services of wedding business owners around Istria. When they first set foot on the location chosen for the styled photo shooting, we had THE moment. They stopped and a clear vision of a wedding dinner scene appeared in their minds. A luxury backyard wedding scene.

The idea for the style shoot was to represent Istria as a wedding destination through all the scenes. As Istria has 4 types of soil (white, grey, black and red), an earthy colour palette was a logical choice for the elements used in the concept and the design of the location decoration. All the segments were carefully selected in order to follow and merge with the Istrian architecture used on the location. With a touch of string lights, magic was made – an ambience which is warm yet simple.

Throughout the whole design and photo shoot concept they took care of authentic elements to represent the region. From the welcome sign made of the wooden board Istrian women used for centuries till nowdays to make traditional Istrian pasta (njoki, pljukanci and fuži) in order to feed their families to the seating plan made with wooden boards for prosciutto and cheese.

Wooden table represents the tradition, the tradition of family gatherings as Istrian families were accustomed to spending their time together, accompanied by good food and wine. Dried flowers from local woods situated in terracotta vases were a perfect choice to make a warm and natural decoration, creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Floral Designer: Studio Brzak//Event Planner: Flammeum//Cake Designer: Isidora Patisserie//Hair Stylist: Living Room Hair Studio//Lighting: Panter Lighting//Dress Designer: Gray by Ivana Cizmadija//Makeup Artist: Katarina Ramic Bridal Beauty//Floral Designer: Lepor Weddings//Reception Venue: San Canzian Village & Hotel//Photographer: Flick Factory//Event Planner: Weddings in Croatia

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