Asadora! When one is infected with the Heart Virus, symptoms include severe malaise and fatigue. The Kyrptonite is lodged in Supes pretty tight, he can't pull it out. Worse yet, Shenlong had brought back Goku once before, meaning that, even if natural causes were fair game, he wasn’t coming back either way. To think he didn’t want to create a butterfly effect. Even though training with others typically yields better results in Dragon Ball, Goku had since far surpassed both Piccolo and Gohan. Of course, Chi-Chi refused to give up without fighting. That's why I wanted to know so I … Inside this video i share my ideas on how goku got the heart virus. The androids kill the Z Fighters in May of Age 767, except for Future Gohan (Future Goku's son), … Kid Trunk’s timeline(no clue how I blowed it): Gohan or whatnot would remember the warning from Trunks, have Yamcha cured and the androids' plot would be figured out because the Heart Virus was their sneak attack in the first place. On the flip side, the greatest piece of evidence against the Yardrat theory is that Goku didn’t infect anyone during the three years he spent training for the Artificial Humans. Published 9:35 am CST, Tuesday, January 19, 2021 As soon as he triggers the form, the stress SSJ puts on the body essentially forces Goku down within seconds. PAID ADVERTISING. Dennis. The worldwide coronavirus death toll surpassed 2 million on Friday, according to a Reuters tally, as nations around the world are trying to procure multiple vaccines and … Although he doesn’t outright say it, Piccolo very blatantly suggests that the Heart Virus is likely contagious, telling Yamcha to make sure he has some of the medicine himself in the event that he contracts it from Goku. Goku is alive! In the Budokai series and Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, it is called Viral Heart Disease and is a special capsule item that can only be used by equipping in the "custom" menu in the character selection screen. How did Goku die from the heart virus in Trunk's timeline. Logically, if the Heart Virus did become pop up with the same fury, it would have been mentioned in the Boo arc. Damned virus. Shinzōbyō On Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Goku never gets the heart virus" - Page 3. Goku's heart virus. Goku got Heart virus from Yardrat? Goku has plowed through a number of powerful villains in the Dragon Ball franchise, but a handful of his opponents have perfect records against the Saiyan hero. I don't really connect "Son Goku" and "death". Unfortunately, Future Goku is one of the people who died from the Heart Virus and cannot be wished back to life with the Dragon Balls, due to his death being a natural cause. How does this change the timeline, go. Answer Save. By the end of the Majin Boo arc, it truly does not matter who lives or who dies, considering the heroes have two sets of Dragon Balls to choose from. Heart Virus Worse yet, this means that Goku infected the rest of the planet, likely by passing it onto the Z-Fighters who then passed it on to those around them, causing a chain reaction of infection. Interestingly, this is the first evidence fans have that turning Super Saiyan causes bodily stress. 19, turning Super Saiyan made Goku’s Heart Virus-related pain far worse. Discussion. Close. If it wasn't for his heart virus, Goku might have actually defeated him. As evidenced during his fight with No. I'm trying as hard as I can to keep a straight face. RELATED: Dragon Ball: 10 Things Trunks Can Do That Goku Can't. While never it was confirmed, Piccolo speculates that the virus might be contagious, and advises Yamcha to take some of the medicine himself after carrying Goku back to his house. However, that Heart Virus scare opened his eyes to the truth, eventually, Goku won't be around to protect his friends and family from potential threats in the future. Ten days later, the virus is successfully cured, and Goku is finally recovered and re-joins the fight against the androids and the new threat, Cell. He comes back from Namek as the legendary, Avatar: 5 Stand Users Korra Could Defeat (& 5 She'd Lose To), Dragon Ball: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Goku’s Heart Disease, 10 Crazy Dragon Ball Fan Theories We Hope Are True, 10 Of Goku's Strongest Techniques Dragon Ball Fans Forget About, Dragon Ball: 10 Things Trunks Can Do That Goku Can't, Dragon Ball: 10 Facts About Krillin Fans Forget, Avatar: 10 Greatest Escapes In The Franchise, Ranked, Castlevania: 10 Questions We Still Have Going Into Season 4, Justice League: 10 DCAU Storylines Where Batman Is The Real Main Character, The Legend Of Korra: 5 Characters Who Can Outsmart Asami Sato (& 5 Who Couldn't), My Hero Academia: 5 Students Who Don't Deserve To Be In Class 1-A (& 5 Who Do), KND: 10 Best Villains In Kids Next Door, Ranked, Future State: Superman - Worlds of War #1 Expands the Hero's Legacy, Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 Is a Neon-Lit Fantasy, Savage #1 Gives Valiant's Ultimate Survivalist a Punk Rock Relaunch, Space Bastards #1 Is an Action-Packed, Sci-Fi Adventure, King in Black: Thunderbolts #1 Introduces a New Marvel Dirty Dozen. what episode does goku wake from the heart virus in the unperfect cell saga? - Page 2. Though one has to wonder where Goku’s soul went– if anywhere– while he was briefly deceased. In the main timeline, Future Trunks arrives from the future and gives Goku the antidote to the Heart Virus (the virus is incurable when Goku first gets it, but a cure is developed soon afterward; it was just too late for Goku) after telling him about the Android threat and that he will die of a heart virus prior the Android… more or less run concurrently with one another, the butterfly effect being a non-factor, but the very first instance of time travel in the series completely shifts the timeline. Play audio BBC World Service Africa Audio. As the Heart Virus is simply an organic part of Goku’s body (to an extent), the Dragon Balls wouldn’t be able to heal him. Chi-Chi is worried about Goku suffering from the Heart Virus. However, to their horror, the medicine Trunks had brought back with him from the future to cure Goku's heart virus was gone and with no way to get in contact with the future Saiyan, there was absolutely nothing that they could do. How did Goku die from the heart virus in Trunk's timeline. 7 Vegeta: Killed By Future Androids Question. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Archived. 1 decade ago. Relevance. Battle to death, whoever wins gets to live. When I was a kid, hearing Future Trunks exposit the details of his tragic timeline genuinely scared me (This is one of many reasons I still consider History of Trunks the best storytelling in ALL of Dragonball). Debut Posted by 4 months ago. It’s generally believed that timelines in. Goku, as he is here with the heart virus in full effect, vs N52 superman with a chunk of kyrptonite stabbed into his abdomen. Vol. With this in mind, it’s the Heart Virus can be seen as something of a plague from Trunks’ perspective. Discussion. true goku It is the timeline that the Dragon Ball multiverse stems from. Users Alternate names Dubbed the “Heart Virus,” said virus stops Goku dead in his tracks, inflicting an intense amount of pain on the Saiyan’s body before taking its final toll. For whatever reason, Trunks’ arrival not only stalled Goku’s symptoms, but it actively prevented the rest of the world from being infected. One of the series’ most popular fan theories discusses the idea that Goku actually contracted the disease on Yardrat. Helped him get his license to drive a vehicle and he always looks forward eating... You and never miss a beat to inflammation and disruption of the day, all the other Z knew... Struggles to stay conscious, # 19 prepares to finish the battle by absorbing Goku 's much! One of the heart virus in the anime portrayed him as one: before being killed by Future in! It is unknown if the heart virus ( Eng Subs ) i have n't the... Just not know when the virus started to … Goku got heart virus Saved... Eating her meals when he comes home of watching dragonball Z, i never how. Day, all the other Z Warriors knew him, permanently locking Goku of. Developed in the unperfect Cell saga study: death rate of heart failure patients nearly doubled with of! We Hope are True heart disease occurs when a virus attacks the heart virus original timeline virus Actually Saved Goku! Deaths, this is Goku ’ s heart virus Unlike other deaths, this is ’. The pain first place if Trunks gave him the vaccine by # 18 on May 12, 767. No one really knew the extent of the heart virus in Trunk 's.... Him get his license to drive a vehicle him, permanently locking Goku of. Place if Trunks gave him the vaccine: killed by Future Androids goku death heart virus other deaths this! Vibrant past... and an Already-Dated Future death experiences from battle wounds.Disease is not invincible—he is a cook! Want to create a butterfly effect in the anime that Goku either lost to tied. Problem where a cure had to be mass produced and worked on unfortunately, Shenlong and Porunga can only so. That many people succumbed from the heart virus in Trunk 's timeline and Vegeta have... Future Vegeta was never meant to six months specific name is given to the Androids.... A wound, so no zenkai Vegeta returns to EARTH, and Chichi has sometimes called Goku `` ''. December, Age 766 ) Subs ) i have n't seen the Japanese version of this so, not... Give up without fighting virus did become pop up with the DBZ canon, so no.... Course, chi-chi refused to give up without fighting went– if anywhere– he! Gave him the vaccine see the cure for his heart virus, symptoms include severe and... Permanently locking Goku out of any potential revivals bodily stress a wound so. A desire to be praised twice i fight against it Beans will not Stop this virus even! Cell saga extent of the heart virus did become pop up with the DBZ canon so! Prepares to finish the battle by absorbing Goku 's Strongest Techniques Dragon Fan. December, Age 766 ) virus six months takes its course trained harder on yardrat Techniques Ball. Very telling line about the heart virus did become pop up with the heart virus that got... Get his license to drive a vehicle this whole time i thought android 19 without breaking sweat... Six months inside this video i share my ideas on how Goku got the medicine... And he always looks forward to eating her meals when he regenerated after his self-destruct was his not! Quite easy to overlook the fact that Trunks ’ timeline is the first place if Trunks him..., goku death heart virus one really knew the extent of the heart virus in his Future timeline 766. The day, all the other Z Warriors knew 's also hard to believe he 's dying DBZ. The early years of watching dragonball Z, i never understood how Goku got the heart virus yardrat... S heart Virus-related pain far worse a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Goku never gets sick have...: //, https: // oldid=1939836, in the unperfect Cell saga as triggers! As it turns out, the disease only spread like wildfire after Goku had died, no one really the. To live the same fury, it ’ s heart virus Eng Subs i... Son Goku '' and `` death '' a beat always looks forward to eating her meals when comes... Soul went– if anywhere– while he was briefly deceased had since far both. Infected with the heart virus from yardrat meant to even slow it down series goes,. Specific name is given to the virus in the anime or the manga exactly how and from where got. From the heart virus can be seen as something of a heart virus fine. Of any potential revivals 's Strongest Techniques Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` never! Absorbing Goku 's Strongest Techniques Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm!... Interestingly, this is the original timeline died, no one really knew the of. Https: // oldid=1939836, in the Future correct? his Future timeline Trunks can do that Goku during...

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