Pros Unless it is fresh, pastured, organic lard it will not be healthy for you to eat. This venison burger recipe from scratch is a regular at our home. Venison is deer meat. you luck during your hunts and God bless!". I have met so many lovely …, A Peek Behind the Scenes - March 2019 Sweet, precious …, What to Expect When You Milk a Cow for the …, So, in case you have not heard, I've been harassing …, Best Venison Burgers You’ll Ever Eat & How to Grind Your Own Meat. (Garrison, MT)~ What do you ballistics guys think about the use of non-lead bullets for elk? Bag it, label it and freeze it. It has a pretty objectionable, strong flavor. by Craig (Florida) "Here are some of the items I use on my DIY hunts in the CO backcountry...". It is hard to choose my favorite thing about … As stated above, we grew tired of the slow process of grinding venison with a smaller grinder and were grabbing only higher quality of roasts to grind, in order to avoid having to stop and clean off the blades. If you have all of your ground venison packaged for you at the time your wild game is processed, you will sacrifice some quality, freshness and shelf life. If a recipe calls for 1 pound of ground elk, you simply pull three patties out of the freezer. When we send our deer to a processor, the ground venison is always gamey. We used a hand meat grinder for years to make our venison burger. Venison of all kinds is pretty lean meat, so adding a little fat of some kind when grinding venison improves the flavor and texture a great deal. if i grind 1.5lbs of venison how much pork fat should i add to 1.5 pounds of venison. Finally filled the freezer..., Colorado Rockies~ "I was bummed when I got to the property and no elk, nor any hoof prints in the snow. If that happens, it takes just a few minutes to clean it all off of the blades and start again. It offers superior texture with more loosely packed patties and a more open, juice-trapping structure. Ground venison is lean and healthy. 7. More Wild Chef. A sausage stuffer is certainly faster, if you really want to make a lot at once. Next, heat up your cast iron skillet (medium-high heat) and slap a big spoonful of lard into it (if you don’t have any lard, you can substitute bacon grease. ", Retired USMC MSgt Needs Advice, by Ken Wing USMCRET Perfectly marbled venison comes out the other end. How often should I use my cow call?, I am new to the sport of bow hunting elk and my question is how often should I use my cow calls? Today we are using Pork fat that has not been rendered. In order to support this blog, I may receive compensation or other commission for my endorsement, recommendation and/or link from my blog. To cook Burgers: Shape ground venison into patties. I chose to double grind the combination once more ensuring that everything mixed together more evenly. We'd appreciate it if you would "Like" us on Facebook, or share this site with others. The rule of thumb on adding fat when grinding is to use between 10 and 15 percent for burger and 20 percent or higher for sausage. Liberally salt and pepper both sides of burger. Once the steaks are cut, many hunters grind the remaining meat into burger to be used for hamburger and sausage. Sometimes we press all of the ground venison immediately into patties. Grinding venison speeds loss of moisture and shortens shelf life, all of which sacrifices quality (flavor and texture). Venison burgers are always a go-to in our house year-round when we’re trying to use up ground venison, and these honestly … I ", Elk Hunting Idaho Unit 8 8A 11, This is my first year seriously trying to track down some elk. DH sprinkles the cubed fat between the hunks of venison and shoves it through the grinder. Now you have spectacular ground-venison for anything:  chili, sloppy joes, spaghetti or burgers.For the best venison burger you ever ate, just shape your marbled meat into patties. Burger Is Too Lean. The lard will melt faster & easier in your venison than pork fat will (when you’re cooking the burgers). The same is true for any meat. Don’t use venison fat, though. I wanted to personally For those of us living in the rural areas of Kentucky, October means one thing:  Deer Hunting Season is here. We eventually purchased an inexpensive 575 watt LEM electric grinder. Feed venison pieces into meat grinder. How is the elk hunting in unit 30A in Idaho? It will then easily feed through the grinder hopper. Ironically, because fat needs to be trimmed away for the best flavor, venison often becomes too lean for hamburger purposes. The gristle (white tissue) doesn't get stuck. I finally got drawn for a late elk hunt in Unit 28, north of Road 506 and south of the boundary line of the Lincoln National Forest... Northeast Nevada Early Elk hunt, by John It can also be added to ground meat for great tacos or burrito filling or anytime you want a little touch of the old south west. When I make venison burgers, that meat is usually ground right before I cook it. (More comments about Best Elk Rifle below). ", Thomas (OR), "Reading your tips has helped me to formulate a hopefully I got several useful tips from you, and your site. It doesn’t have to be exact. ", 338 Marlin Express, "Light, fast shooting, hard hitting, manageable recoil, and for a lever gun - very accurate. He makes something called "Burger Dust" that turns ordinary burgers into exceptional burgers! ", 7mm Remington Magnum, by Dean You can also just "roll" the sausage into one to three pound chubs and wrap it in plastic wrap. 3-4 minutes per side does the trick around here. Make burger patties with a slight dimple in the center. 3-4 minutes per side does the trick around here. Solo archery hunting -- tips for calling/set up? Skip, (Tucson, AZ) "Your Elk Hunting Tips Web Site is the best, most helpful Learn how your comment data is processed. The solution is to add some fat, either beef or pork, when you’re grinding venison. It does get bothersome, though. thank you for the great tips on hunting elk. 325 WSM is worth considering, Palmer Lake,CO: I believe that the .325 WSM is the ultimate elk caliber... 30-30 for Elk? Venison burger, if not cooked properly, can be dried out and tough as hockey pucks! Very extensively. Grinding your venison scraps is a great way to get the most meat out of your deer. The goal is 15% fat 85% meat. of filling a tag. positive and safe game plan for the 2014 elk season! Removing the silver seam is no big deal, it’s just that most processors don’t take much time to do a thorough job. No stores. Grate garlic on microplane directly over the ground meat. Grind venison with large, coarse (6mm) grinding plate. I did not draw a tag for Missouri breaks where I have hunted in the past. Mix the suet into the venison by kneading it with your hands in a bowl, and then run it all quickly through the grinder together. Grinding venison is not difficult and can be done at home easily with a meat grinder. Keeping a Family Cow - Dairy School (eBook), Raising Backyard Pigs for Pork or Profit (eBook), Don’t Give Up! thank you for the great tips on hunting elk. If you know a few secrets, not only will your venison be incredible; no one will know they are eating a deer unless you tell them. Deer don’t have much fat to speak of and if you happen to bag an overweight buck you do not want to eat his fat. could go on forever here, I just get so excited talking about elk and I don't Ta Da! A patty press is pretty inexpensive and is a great little tool to use while grinding venison. It causes all your venison burger patties to be of uniform size and shape, about five ounces each, or thinner if you prefer. They are naturally low-fat and absolutely, incredibly healthy for you. Tristan, Superior, CO: "I feel like I It is recommended that about 10% to 20% of fat be added by weight.

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