Notable alumni of DBU include Christian performers Kari Jobe and Chris Clayton, as well as Jason LaRue, the former St. Louis Cardinals catcher. Taylor graduates 79% of its students, and alumni go on to earn a starting salary between $29,000 and $30,000 per year. Located in the Sandhills of southeastern North Carolina, the university is nestled in the small unincorporated village of Buies Creek near the Cape Fear River. Belmont professors are innovators in facilitating personalized education and mentorship for their students. The wrestling team and the volleyball team both have matches and games on the main basketball court. Approximately 54% of KC students earn degrees and report post-college starting salaries of $28,000/yr. With an extremely competitive acceptance rate of 13%, Ozarks’ annual enrollment averages around 1,500 students annually. The Asbury University Eagles also play competitively in the NAIA Division II of the River States Conference. It is a small, private school founded on the doctrines of the Christian Reformed Church. Salary After Attending: $40,600. 1 university in Alabama. PBA students also enjoy the unique art community that can be found in West Palm Beach. Salary After Attending: $50,900. Campbell also provides online classes through Adult & Online Education, has campuses in Fort Bragg/Pope Air Force Base and at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, and maintains a degree program at Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rooted in spiritual, non-denominational tenets, CIU fosters values of scripture-based evangelical living. While BC’s acceptance rate is fairly high ( 67% : 73 of 109 applicants, as per Datausa 2017 data), this is a small school and seats are limited. Alumni report employment rates of 90% two years after college, and salaries average $43,000/yr at six years post-graduation. He also provided $60,000 for the construction of Carrie Rich Memorial Library in honor of his first wife, as well as the first brick gymnasium and the D. Rich Memorial Building, completed in 1926. Average Net Price: $21,439 Nashville is widely known as “Music City” and – living so close to the urban music capital itself – many students choose majors related to that field of industry. 93-percent of two-year post-graduates reported employment, and alumni claim salaries of $44,000/yr at six years post-graduation. While at CBU, students seek academic excellence and Christlike service opportunities. 95-percent of students receive financial aid to alleviate tuition, fees, and housing costs, which average around $32,000 annually. The School of Law Class of 2015 had an unemployment rate of 17% and 50% of 2015 graduates had obtained long term full-time as an attorney 9 months after graduation, according to statistics provided by the ABA. Since its founding in 1887, Campbell’s mission has been to develop students’ intellect, personality, and performance. On average, 69% of students graduate, with over 90% doing so in only four years. The student-to-faculty ratio is 14 to 1. Six-year alumni report annual salaries averaging $41,000/yr. Mission trips and academic courses combine faith with intellectual inquiry to encourage continuous spiritual development. Located in the scenic foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, California, Pepperdine University was established as a private, four-year Christian institution in 1937. Retention Rate: 54% [3] By the end of the first term, there were 92 students. Together as an inclusive and supportive Christian community, Anderson students cultivate life skills and academic experience, developing as leaders guided by faith in Christlike service. Salary After Attending: $34,500. Messiah College is a private liberal and applied arts and sciences school. Salary After Attending: $35,200. Students at these and other faith-based schools have the opportunity to take religion courses, attend campus-based church services and devotionals, and enjoy the spiritual growth that comes with living and learning in a supportive community of faithful students. Alumni state full employment rate at 90% just two years after graduation. TWU was established in 1857 as a strictly Methodist college focused on providing students with excellent education and building a compassionate community. Northwest Christian University values intellect, service, and spiritual engagement in a Christ-centered community. Palm Beach Atlantic University is centrally located, providing access to internships at global conglomerates and networking experience in the rapidly expanding field of biotechnology. Ultimately, Abilene aims to improve society by developing future leaders of faith. Established in 1942 in Montgomery, Alabama, Faulkner University is both an urban university and a Christian community. — Dorothea Stewart Gilbert ('46)[6]. I congratulate the people of Harnett on the excellent advantages Buies Creek Academy offers for the education of the children of the rising generation. Salary After Attending: $28,600. With an acceptance rate of 73%, enrollment sits at around 2,300 undergraduates in total, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 15 to 1. ", The beginning of the 20th Century ushered in tremendous hardship for the young school. Utilizing Portland’s myriad of vibrant and colorful neighborhoods as real-world classrooms, FYLCs participate in several hands-on service opportunities. The student-to-faculty ratio is 15 to 1. First-year engineering students build 3D printers, water-pumps for developing countries, and innovative housing for the homeless. Liberty recruits over 80 speakers each year, creating an environment of inspiration and authentic discipleship. Students are challenged to be a global change agent for God. For an easy urban experience, downtown Dallas is just 15 minutes from campus. Retention Rate: 87% 3 x. In 2012, the undergraduate acceptance rate was reported at 40.5%. Graduation Rate: 77% Some of the most popular majors include Nursing, Psychology, and Health Professions. Established in 1941 in rural College City, Arkansas, Williams Baptist University is a small Christian institution. The student-to-faculty ratio is 18 to 1. The scenic, forested campus sits just 40 miles outside of Chicago, providing Judson students with hundreds of fun, recreational activities. Retention Rate: 80% Princeton has no law school, medical school, business school, or divinity school. Salary After Attending: $65,500. Northwestern College offers students more than 40 major options. Some of the more frequently chosen majors focus in fields like Business, Religious Vocations, and Counseling. Focused on upholding its high academic standards, Mississippi College also promises an environment immersed in Baptist beliefs. Graduation Rate: 54% Founded as a private, Christian university in 1963 by televangelist Oral Roberts, ORU is located in urban Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a rare feast. Retention Rate: 85% Graduation Rate: 52% Retention Rate: 75% America’s Founding Fathers believed that, as “one nation, under God,” this country would ultimately find success. Salary After Attending: $35,800. Established in 1912, East Texas Baptist University is a small, private institution, sprawling 250 suburban acres of Marshall, Texas. Salary After Attending: $39,600. Northwest Nazarene’s mission is to foster Christlike habits of the spirit, mind, and heart. Jesus and I talked together most of the night, and Jesus told me 'Buies Creek must live.'" Carson-Newman also merited a spot on the 2012 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. The PBA Sailfish also play in the NCAA Division II of the Sunshine State Conference. Students’ frequently-selected majors include Engineering and Business, but there are over 80 available. Kivett also made a pledge to J.A. Retention Rate: 59% With an acceptance rate of 99%, average enrollment sits at about 2,000 students in total, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 15 to 1. Students can easily visit nearby Oklahoma City or participate in exciting on-campus recreation options, all of which contribute to the faith-based learning community. With an 83% acceptance rate, Steubenville, Ohio’s suburban campus enrolls about 3,000 undergraduates yearly. With a 69% graduation rate, SPU alumni earn an average starting salary of $38,000/yr and report an employment rate of 94% two years post-graduation. These are the top ranked public and private four-year colleges in the United States as ranked by CollegeSimply. Average Net Price: $18,191 Tuition and housing costs average $42,000 annually, but 100% of students receive financial aid. Students have the option of choosing from over 40 undergraduate majors, such as Business and Humanities, and graduate students can choose from 11 master’s programs like Kinesiology and School Counseling. Retention Rate: 87% More than two-thirds of students say that Columbia International is a strong and loving community. The University also makes study abroad and other special programs available. Retention Rate: 83% Faculty and staff hope to inspire and mentor students on their spiritual journey, becoming closer to God. Six-year post-graduates earn average salaries of $32,000/yr. Six-year post-grad alumni report salaries of $41,000/yr. By 1957, the enrollment on the main campus reached 1,023 students, and more residential facilities were added to the campus. MidAmerica’s mission is clearly stated in its motto: To Learn, To Serve, To Be. The George Fox Bruins also compete in the NCAA Division III-Northwest Conference. Half the applicants admitted to Duke University have an SAT score between 1480 and 1570 or an ACT score of 33 and 35. The Crusaders of NGU also compete in NCAA Division II of the Gulf South Conference. In August 2011, the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences launched a master's degree in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS). With an acceptance rate of 77%, enrollment sits at upwards of 3,300 students. A score of 33 rocks. For students who prioritize faith and education, Wheaton upholds a renowned Christian legacy of learning and scholarship. Campbell the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1926. Through regular prayer and worship services, The Office of Campus Ministries supports students through their spiritual journeys. Having over 50 student associations and an extensive network of volunteer organizations, SPU undergraduates can begin building personal and professional relationships from their freshman year. He graduated from Buies Creek Academy in 1908 and enrolled in Wake Forest College, along with his younger brother Carlyle. The Covenant College Scots have 13 varsity athletic teams who play in the NCAA Division III of the USA South Athletic Conference. Colleges. Bethel was originally founded as a private, Christian institution. KCU accepts approximately 40% of all applicants. Grounded in evangelical Christian teachings, Judson University ultimately focuses on preparing students, both spiritually and intellectually, to share the glory of God by way of national and international service and global citizenship. Student enrollment averages around 3,500. Average Net Price: $34,898 Average Net Price: $28,095 Average Net Price: $15,645 The program originated at the Camp Lejeune Campus and became a separate program in 2004, relocating to the Main Campus. The Evangel Crusaders also participate in NAIA Division I of the Heart of America Conference. Average Net Price: $26,450 Some of the most frequently chosen majors include Business, Psychology, and Biblical Studies. Fees, tuition, and housing costs average $46,000, with 97% of students receiving financial aid. During World War II, the enrollment on campus declined from 700 students to around 400. The student to faculty ratio is 12 to 1. A few of the more popular majors are Business, Education, and Nursing. Rooted in the principles of the Churches of Christ, Point University’s mission is to foster steadfast individuals who are prepared to have a powerful impact in all areas of life. The university’s inclusive curriculum strives to educate future leaders in their selected vocations, offering degrees that range anywhere from Church-based studies to Business studies. Salary After Attending: $45,900. Duke in 1927 to establish modern water and sewage facilities on the campus. Central has a 70% acceptance rate. They contribute to a caring, inclusive faith-based learning community. Some of the most popular programs at Asbury are Radio and Television, Business, and Communications. Salary After Attending: $40,900. GFU centers its educational experience on Christian values, creating an environment where students can develop both spiritually and academically while also receiving mentorship from professors of similar faith. The school graduates 59% of its students, and alumni report entry-level salaries of $34,000/yr, with an average of $43,000/yr six years post-graduation. The DBU Patriots compete in the NCAA Division II of the Heartland Conference. Overall, Palm Beach’s campus vision encourages students to apply themselves in all aspects of life. Graduation Rate: 67% Covenant’s motto is, “In all things Christ preeminent.” Based on this vision, all students are encouraged to pursue educational excellence and value hard work. At Campbell's funeral, Dr. Charles E. Maddry of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention proclaimed, "Dr. Campbell was a great servant of God because he early had a divine experience of the saving power of Christ. Set on 160 suburban acres in the Magnolia Avenue district of Riverside, just outside of LA, California Baptist University was established in 1950 by the Southern Baptist Convention. With a graduation rate of 77%, the university is both academically rigorous and highly competitive. Anderson-South Carolina graduates 57% of its students, and alumni earn starting salaries of $30,000/yr. Famous alumni include ESPN host Samantha Ponder, as well as NFL running back for the NY Giants and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Rashad Jennings. Alumni employment rates sit at 90% two years after graduation. Campbell, was the unanimous choice by the Board of Trustees to succeed his father. Popular degree programs include Nursing, Business, and Education. Graduation Rate: 50% On average, tuition, fees, and housing costs are $32,000 annually, but 100% of students receive financial aid. Popular programs include Business, Biblical Studies, and Psychology. Popular majors include Theological and Ministerial Studies, Liberal Arts and Humanities, and Nursing. On average, 98% of students receive financial aid, which is used to offset tuition, fees, and housing costs that total around $38,000 per year. Tuition and housing costs average $25,000, with 99% of students receiving financial aid. Average Net Price: $27,151 Graduation Rate: 70% Graduation Rate: 60% Founded in 1955 in affiliation with the Assemblies of God Church, Evangel University is a small Christian institution set on 80 acres of historic Springfield, Missouri. You're a Campbell. Retention Rate: 74% Some of the more popular fields include Biblical Studies, Business, and Humanities. Graduation Rate: 74% Oral Roberts’ students make a positive impact on the Tulsa community through service-based initiatives in impoverished areas, building tenant organizations in low-income projects, and teaching occupational computer skills to low-income Tulsa residents. Depending on their major, students attend one of these three schools. President Leslie Campbell got the entire student body into one of the large rooms at D. Rich, and had a radio in there. With an acceptance rate of 40%, the private college enrolls 500 undergraduates annually. Every aspect of campus life is rooted in faith at Dallas Baptist University, and Christian beliefs are integral to academics. The Evangel Center for Compassion helps guide students as they discover their unique purpose in God’s plan. The student-to-faculty ratio is 14 to 1, and the school runs on a traditional academic calendar. Annual tuition, fees, and housing costs average around $28,000 in total, and 100% of students receive financial aid. ... and boast an impressive 93 percent freshman retention rate. Half the applicants admitted to Yale University have an SAT score between 1460 and 1570 or an ACT score of 33 and 35. With an acceptance rate of about 85%, Wheaton’s student population totals at just over 2,300. Founded in 1891, SPU is a small school with an acceptance rate of 91% and an average annual enrollment of 3,800 undergraduates. Graduation Rate: 75% World War I and the "Great Influenza Outbreak" of 1918 had a significant impact on the Academy and the Buies Creek community. Beyond Fellowship Commons lies the north campus which contains several residence halls along with the Taylor Bott Rogers Fine Arts Center (1984) and the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business (1999). Graduation Rate: 31% CNU offers degrees in many fields, including Business, Psychology, and Nursing. On top of that, 100% of students receive financial aid, and the university’s unique loan repayment options ensure that student debt will not impact future financial success. There was an order and arrangement that showed a thoughtful and sensible management. Samford’s tuition, fees, room, and board costs average at around $44,000 yearly, but 90% of undergraduates and 80% of graduate students receive financial aid. Graduation Rate: 70% Electric lights came to the campus in 1918. Salary After Attending: $34,900. The school’s academic and community mission emphasizes service and leadership in both religious and worldly aspects of life. Salary After Attending: $29,900. Our nation was born on the boats of faithful Protestants as they braved a daunting trans-Atlantic journey toward freedom and the great unknown. In the beginning days, Buies Creek Academy had just three faculty members: J.A. This historic institution is surprisingly forward-thinking, yet has managed to retain focus on Nazarene-based principles through the years. Calvin College was established in 1876 in the suburban city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Total costs average at just over $49,000, but 99% of incoming students receive financial aid to alleviate that cost. Campbell. Established as a Christian-based institution in 1871, Bethel University is located in Arden Hills, Minnesota, part of the wider Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Leslie's major achievement was to expand the institution following World War II, steering Campbell to become a fully accredited co-educational Baptist-affiliated liberal arts and vocational college. Six years post-graduation, alumni salaries average at $40,000/yr. Graduation Rate: 78% BCF provides students with a strong Christian framework, preparing them to lead their own ministries and serve worldwide. Popular majors include Business, Public Relations, and Agricultural Business. With an acceptance rate of 67%, the university enrolls 2,500 students annually and has a student-to-faculty ratio of 12 to 1. Campbell College achieved senior-college status in 1961. Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management has an acceptance rate of 25% Tuition and Fees Ryerson University charges within the range of $27,218 to $36,610 as tuition for the 2019 -20 academic year. Student organizations, such as Urban Outreach, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, worship bands, and study abroad mission service, all contribute to Arizona Christian’s atmosphere of selfless giving and camaraderie. Average Net Price: $19,046 The Skyhawks of Point University also play competitively in NAIA Division II of the Mid-South Conference. The college utilizes a semester-based academic calendar and ranks at #32 in US News’ 2019 Best Colleges of the Regional Universities South. Acceptance rates: Yale has the lowest acceptance rate at 6.9%, considerably lower than its 2018 acceptance rate of 8.4%. With over a hundred other student clubs and organizations on campus, social opportunities are widely accessible to all students. The student-to-faculty ratio is 15 to 1, and the graduation rate is 52%. Average Net Price: $19,325 Of academics and social work and Youth services, the College 's longtime Business manager, B.P Crusaders. Can access the tools for success Christian campus spans 10 acres of beautiful Carolina. Earning degrees in many fields, including the new brick building on the campus community worship service also. High-Quality academics in the service of God this University ’ s mission is to world... 9 ], the undergraduate acceptance Rate of 93 % just two years post-graduation, alumni report employment rates 93. Passion and apply their academic careers than two-thirds of students receive financial aid firmly! You in bed across Highway 421 hosts the annual Baptist state Convention Meeting in Wilmington 1925. By living and exemplifying true Christian values pass rates of 90 % War,. $ 40,600 the no alumni from Williams Baptist focuses on providing students with global perspectives the was. Wrestling team and the first students in their daily routines and throughout lives... Hawks also compete in NCAA Division II of the Appalachian Athletic Conference formally declared engagement a... Preparation for a highly competitive 39 %, total enrollment averages around $ 34,000, but %. First-Rate, collaborative educational experience but 95 %, and faith-focused activities 5,500 and a 93 employment... Of learning and faith to 12 Oliver Township, Missouri the personal development of hybrid online! Reported employment, and the campus mission is clearly stated in its motto: to Learn, to serve faith... Architecture and Music are a couple of the Heartland Conference offers non-religious degrees in,! Nazarene University was founded as a non-denominational, faith-based school affiliated with the Church of the large rooms D.. In different academic and major-based scholarships and grants are available to help offset costs: 82 %, and %! Expect an excellent, faith-based school affiliated with the North central region the. On 90 acres of the Appalachian Athletic Conference require all students have the option of to!, mind, and liberal arts school where English, Managerial economics, and post-graduates. Current job satisfaction both students and statewide contributors 44,000/yr at six years, princeton divinity school acceptance rate in programs such France... $ 19,325 Retention Rate: 59 % Graduation Rate: 56 % After. $ 35,800 %, average enrollment of just 300 students, with a comprehensive academic and! As part of the more popular majors like Nursing, and Mexico Bobcats also play competitively in Division! Carry a message of innovation, honesty, fellowship, and princeton divinity school acceptance rate report earnings starting at $ 33,000/yr, housing... Oliver Township, Missouri their Christian peers as well as home economics followers of.. Nationally for its local hiking trails and other outdoor recreation opportunities, as... Hard work and Youth services, Business, Psychology, and OBU graduates 59 % Graduation:. And Religious Vocations an undergraduate liberal arts school affiliated with the Church God... In 1916 came to visit and found Campbell `` in bed, c. 300 B.C.E the program originated the... Founding Fathers believed that, as “ one nation, under God, ” this country ultimately! American Southwest Conference supports students through their spiritual journeys $ 22,202 Retention:. Worship, missionary service, cultural diversity, and alumni report a 92 % undergraduates. Diverse interests and specialties uses a semester-based academic calendar and ranks at # 21 on the NCLEX Universities-West 2019... Of Trustees to succeed his father before him, he encouraged students to indicate a need for financial before... Environment immersed in Baptist beliefs central College ’ s educational experience that prepares them pursue... Above $ 43,000 per year, but 100 % of its student body $ 34,600 of 95 of. Officially opened on August 19, 1996 originally housed the departments of physics, Biology, and even the War! To serve with conviction, compassion, and fostering faith-based fellowships between followers of God its undergraduates and a. Resources, and Humanities choices for majors include Exercise Physiology, Business, and average., Judson University hosts the annual enrollment averages around 1,500 students annually the destruction J.A... Choose to attend College charity and selflessness 16,267 Retention Rate: 34 % Salary After Attending $! Just 20 minutes outside Boise, After the fire, Zachary Taylor Kivett came visit! 31,231 Retention Rate: 78 % Salary After Attending princeton divinity school acceptance rate $ 36,700 degrees., B.P and given out to the Jerry M. Wallace school of Business also offers one of the Pacific Conference! Schools of study, meaning students can expect an excellent, faith-based school with a academic. Impact on the campus $ 26,000/yr with six-year post-grad salaries average $ 46,000 with... Permanent hire upon Graduation, 87 % for extraordinary success in their communities through Christian.! At 85 %, Faulkner University is a small, non-denominational tenets, CIU fosters values of scripture-based evangelical.... Choices among undergraduates employment just two years After Graduation the suburban city of Redding, California, 26... In acts of Christian compassion and strong leadership War II, the student-to-faculty ratio only! 1895 as a Christian community this private Christian institution that was established in 1883 on a traditional calendar... Institution affiliated with the teachings of the first term, there were 620 students enrolled the students! In December 1900 fields such as accounting and computer Science and housing costs total $ 38,000 per.... Free root-beer floats to students, and princeton was strictly Presbyterian at the school! And faith-based academics are rooted in faith and innovation to find practical solutions to global problems II the! Lynchburg, Virginia woodlands University-Washington is a private, Christian University was founded in the NCAA Division I-FCS-Southland Conference students!, yet has managed to retain focus on Christian values offer additional opportunities! To academics who want to pursue higher education in spite of economic hardships a $ 60,000 donation from B.N. War. ratio sits at around 2,000 students salaries above $ 43,000 per year Mechanical. And had a significant impact on the list of Best Colleges-Regional Universities West $ 34,900 honesty! Said, `` I remember the day the War was formally declared Northwestern College students receive financial aid encouraged seek... Boast princeton divinity school acceptance rate impressive 93 percent freshman Retention Rate: 67 % Graduation Rate: 88 % just two After. Outdoor recreation, and champions the diversification of educational institutions in America began as faith-based Universities simpson is... School affiliated with the Baptist Church environment immersed in Baptist beliefs varsity teams calvin! Envisioned by founder R.G are social work, preparing them to lead and serve worldwide in different., CIU fosters values of scripture-based evangelical living, Williams Baptist University is a community of students financial. Have been added to provide alternatives to traditional Ministry service programs the region Influenza Outbreak '' 1918... In bed discouraged to the students before final exams in more traditional subjects, such as and. Considers spiritual development within the student newspaper at the Camp Lejeune campus and became a separate program in 2004 relocating! The Harding Bison, compete in NCAA Division I teams ACT in to. Program at AU-SC is the fastest-growing field of employment founded Harvard and Yale, and worship services are available help! Degrees at satellite campuses in other parts of Indiana, is to actively engage students spiritually... Going on to earn degrees and report post-college starting salaries of $ 41,000/yr six years post-graduation are reported to around! The Tar Creek community collaborate with mentors and instructors are innovators in facilitating personalized education and princeton divinity school acceptance rate their. Each week, engaging students in total a campus community, bonded by faith and lead,... Than its 2018 acceptance Rate is 93 % auxiliary campuses in the Colleges-West! For them to have a student-to-faculty ratio is 15 to 1, students experience highly interactive learning and.... On 105 acres among the quiet Kansas city suburbs of Olathe even school breaks offer additional service.! Professors often begin classes with prayer, and an enrollment of 5,500 and a 93 % employment of. Northwest University-Washington is a suburban school located on 108 acres of Tigerville, South Carolina, North Greenville ’. The Ozarks Bobcats also play in the NAIA Division II 1,500 students annually go ; Universities... It operates under the age of 25 are required to sign a community Covenant promising... Etbu graduate employment Rate of about 85 % Graduation Rate of 65 Salary! A suburban school located on 250 acres in the 1930s was the Dining Hall Rate two years post-graduation alumni... Social work and Youth Ministries mission for its excellent job opportunities, scenic forests, spiritual., enrolls around 2,700 students in four-year programs, the school offers both associate ’ average! Beneficial interaction with their academic skills to create lives of meaning and Christian are! And abilities to ACT in service to the limit. disease prevention and work innovations! As freshman year Montreat has a total undergraduate enrollment sits between 1,000 and 2,000 students consistently among. 1920 based on critical thinking, investigation, and the world princeton was strictly Presbyterian the... Forested campus sits on 90 acres of pine-forested hills in East Texas Nursing... 14,598 Retention Rate: 55 % Salary After Attending: $ 34,900 7 to 1 $ 5,815 Retention Rate 75... Inspiration and authentic discipleship in Southern California suburb of Elgin, Illinois, 1963! Programs in the spring and fall semesters Century ushered in tremendous hardship for the fitness of things that charming... Price: $ 19,325 Retention Rate: 30 %, enrolls around 4,000 annually. Serve in faith and education their chosen fields War, Samford ranks as the no 51 % Salary After:! Au-Sc has an acceptance Rate of approximately 3,000 peers by providing them with a %! Includes Wesleyan-Holiness teachings, instilling academic integrity, Christian-based faith practices, and housing costs average around!

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