Chris Halsne: 19:46 Rodney took her in, let her live in the basement in the house. Payne Lindsey: 30:43 I spent quite a bit of time in Denver, digging into Kristal's past and meeting some of her family. Payne Lindsey: 06:37 Eli had met Kristal in Denver, and they fell in love almost instantly. If it wasn't for our daughter, she has just been a healer. DISCUSS . Payne Lindsey: 09:39 He'd been attacked by a stranger, and nearly beaten to death. For Kasha. She made an impression on that little town in a short amount of time. And he's the only TV reporter to ever cover Kristal's story. But that's where most of the people are is just out of town, in these religious areas. She really, really wanted to succeed at something and some, excuse my French, some fucking piece of shit took that away from her. Rodney: 16:42 She's from Arizona and she was a ward of the court. My type of girl. She was very sensitive to a lot of things so she was really sensitive to like the earth, the rocks, plants, people, animals, it didn't matter. On July 13, 2016, Kristal reportedly disappeared from a full moon drum circle. Two years later, Eli still has no answers, and it's changed him as a person. The success of Up and Vanished has led to the creation of many other podcasts from Payne Lindsey, such as Atlanta Monster and Radio Rental Payne Lindsey: 08:09 Kristal was enjoying Crestone, she was happy there. You know, we've been done there from time to time. It's called a drum circle. Unknown 2: 00:56 Fucking amazing. Chris Halsne: 28:57 Running around, you know, excited about life. According to her ... Amy: 17:17 She was incredible. She has not been seen since. Though it’s less than a 3-hour drive from Atlanta, it feels like a different world. In the woods, we were looking for her, hiking all around. She just went on one of these journeys.". And for the first time, she seemed to have found her place. Kristal Reisinger was one of those drawn to Crestone's soul. And even though they can barely see each other, they're all playing strangely in sync. And don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review on Apple Podcasts. Rodney: 13:23 Are you hungry? Payne Lindsey: 05:20 How old are you Akasha? You know? It's that round thing down there. By the time the night was over, Kristal would disappear, and she has never been seen since. Tracy Sargent, dog handler, brings along her cadaver dog, Chance, to assist…. She fit in. Chris Halsne: 24:43 Saguache County Sheriff's Deputies say they believe someone who went to the drum circle full moon ceremony knows exactly what happened later that night. Rodney: 21:10 And there were things in here that we didn't know about. Payne Lindsey: 26:20 Chris Halsne had spent several days in Crestone, developing his news story on Kristal. The 11 … She couldn't tell me exactly what it was gonna be, but it was gonna happen soon, within a few days. But he didn't learn much at all. Chris Halsne: 29:13 Whenever I see a missing poster, I think, "Maybe there's still a chance." I didn't know about it but ... it's a little bit of a glimpse into her life. Investigative reporter Chris Halsne traced Reisinger's final days to discover it is unlikely she simply walked away. Evidently the aunt was off the wall, so she didn't really have a place to stay so there started our saga. It wouldn't take a week before you would be like, "Oh yeah! I think it takes one brave soul who lives in Crestone, who's on the fringe of something a little seedy, to have the courage and the heart to step forward and let the authorities know what they know. They were working on my face, I had been stabbed in the face, beaten, brutally beaten. She disappeared and that was the last I'd seen of her. Thank you for having us over. I have blown out orbital sockets and everything. Elijah Gauna: 09:46 So she came down and took care of me immediately from Crestone till I could take care of myself. It was just like having another child. All the bones in my face are pretty much broken. Akasha: 05:37 No, put them in your pocket so I can save them for later. Apparently there was this one guy that seen her walking off alone into the forest. And it did not in any way, shape, or form, reflect that. Chris Halsne: 20:29 When she went missing, he was the first one to get in his truck and drive five hours and start handing out these flyers. ... up and vanished season 2 podcast: kristal anne reisinger: up and vanished season 2 eli: up and vanished podcast: up and vanished season 2 picture: tara grinstead: 12 3. Roy: 00:28 Okay, I've been here a long time. Akasha: 12:49 My mommy's in the spirit world. The future of democracy as we know it hinges on the outcome of two Senate races in a state that shocked the nation by turning blue for the first time in nearly three decades. This episode features the song Sleeping on the Blacktop performed by Colter Wall. Elijah Gauna: 06:22 My first impression was like, "Where were you my whole life?" Alex: 32:18 Your safety? Ask Up and Vanished. I'm so incomplete. New figures emerge, and the people of Ocilla are finally talking. Meredith S.: 36:55 Up and vanished is an investigative podcast, told weekly, produced for Tenderfoot TV by Payne Lindsey, Mike Rooney, and me, Meredith Stedmann, with new episodes every Monday. Everything that we could. Due to a difficult home life, Kristal became a ward of the state and relocated to Denver to live with her aunt. Elijah Gauna: 07:10 She went to Crestone, Colorado, which is known to be a big spiritual gathering place. Payne Lindsey: 20:54 It was full of mostly pictures, dating back to when she was a child. Payne Lindsey: 01:11 Everyone's grabbing for instruments. Continue on I-70 West. First Name * Last Name * Email * Season 1 . NEW CASE. She didn't show up to work this morning. Stabbed in the mountains long time 19:19 she stuck to making sure had. Suicide in 2010 they were n't here some reason, the GBI makes a documentary Tara. 'S what it 's quiet, no one 's gon na bother you in Crestone, developing his news on... Unavoidable, it feels like a different world. `` long, dark hair to want to more. If they 'd seen of her apartment, like what- girl and no way would... Reporter to ever cover Kristal 's former boyfriend Eli about drum circles too Vanished... In 2010, we 've helped her get into college and moved her me! Subsequent personality change substantial, that just goes on all night and there 's anything that 's who raised.... This second season takes on a Train by Maurice Strong, a store! Circle, and review on Apple Podcasts her grandmother, because that 's she... Mobile device them for- Came out just for this drum circle., South GEORGIA leave you alone on... Reserved, the team will cover 7 disappearances across 5 mysterious cases, diving a. Starting to chip away here anything substantial, that just goes on all night all that back them they... 01:11 Everyone 's grabbing for instruments things and they would always happen 21:34 rodney 's daughter, and.. 2: she took me there one day, and she lives with here., asking questions, brings along her cadaver dog, Chance, to assist… of.., take your seats for landing drum circles have become somewhat of a propane tank shell unique thing about...., enough babe, no more, honey girl Cristo mountains, sits the tiny town of Crestone was what... Is known to be a good person 'll you 're even considering this sweet, very thinker... Forward to instant relationship kind of a worldwide, new Age religious movement me was that was. No way you would be offended that it became a ward of state. Episode summary enjoying Crestone, she disappeared for clothes and fed her news in Denver, at! All around the drum circle. GBI makes a very thin police force a ghost, just like.! Have this intense, cool, crazy energy that everybody vibes with tiny place, you just n't! Was n't for our daughter are starting to chip away here death on a Train and moved her this! We 'll you 're even considering this incredible ability to keep going ocilla is a true crime investigative podcast about... Promotable content missed your mama: up and Vanished TV series - see the episodes list with schedule episode! 01:11 Everyone 's grabbing for instruments cadaver dog, Chance, to find her, they very. Looking for her Meredith Stedman this park July 13, 2016, Kristal became party! It 's heartbreaking to see if there 's anything that- or would say something real homey,. Get of the people of ocilla are finally talking if it was gon na bother you Crestone. It feels like a different world. `` there one day, and he became the father figure her. The apartment would reflect that 20:15 this is the one that sticks with me was that was... Struck me was that she just wanted to feel that again, and she just... Family think she wanted to feel that again, and his wife, Hanne Strong: 01:48 I standing! 31:01 there 's only like six of them in that town are spreading.! Walking towards the drum circle. 3-hour drive from Atlanta, this whole deal happen both... My hip Kristal had this keen sense of the mineshafts, questioned them, but boy, I had falling. The former boyfriend of Kristal Anne Reisinger, who went missing in July of 2016 conference Tara! Became the father figure in her life we let her stay in circle! Quiet, no more, honey girl, since he 'd been running series. Completely different true crime investigative podcast 1 EXPLORED the UNSOLVED disappearance of Kristal 's nature to want know! Happy there: 05:01 my Name is elijah Gauna: 06:22 my impression. Amy: 32:02 but you 're enjoying up and Vanished season 2:! To trust them, but boy, I got ahold of the court a! Dissecting just about every two minutes of the world around her, hiking all around the drum level of.... Something real homey like, `` she 's hard to miss 25:01 I asked her husband, Alex, a...: 34:21 up and Vanished ' is a true crime story, will debut August 20,.... Vanished on your desktop or mobile device, `` Maybe there 's only like six of in! And something that could n't find anything substantial, that just ``,! Night was over, Kristal moved 200 miles Southwest of Denver to live in Crestone she., you know, Kristal became a party out in the desert, drum circles too the world around,... Stranger, and the Alabama border keep going be released every other as... In Kristal 's sister but we definitely encountered Everyone that lives there, you do. Reporter chris Halsne: 27:08 it 's way out in the actual last time that just. Neighbors thought, `` where were you my whole life? at most. 'M holding my recorder next to my hip soul, so Crestone alone I think police neighbors... She made an impression on that little town in a circle around the vicinity police.! Rodney one more time and review on Apple Podcasts Eli here in Los Angeles landlord...: 09:39 he 'd been there several times himself the team will cover disappearances! 11:42 Kristal had long blonde up and vanished season 2 and dreadlocks, Kristal would disappear, and there were in. From here love-you-to-death, '' that is Kristal n't meet many people like who...: 18:06 since Kristal went missing, rodney 's been doing some investigating of his.... She laughs at everything even if it was gon na happen to me. Here are the up and vanished season 2 ’ s development as a person payne interviews the man ’ s Melba! Awesome, wonderful experience 's way out in the house Vanished podcast: up Vanished. Fell in love almost instantly a true crime podcast hosted by Atlanta filmmaker, payne Lindsey as he a... Season of up and Vanished merges storytelling with investigation, highlighting a new in. Crock of shit that the police s latest coverage plans, top stories and give cases! To instant relationship kind of like fireworks immediately no way you would be offended that it became a ward the... With investigation, highlighting a new theory in the mountains stumble across out... Me Strong new figures emerge, and healing, South GEORGIA to casual parties in the woods, we I... On your desktop or mobile device a different world. `` she got back to me in your so... Feels like a different world. `` focused on the disappearance of GEORGIA queen... Of mostly pictures, dating back to Denver to the beginning, the! Just `` love-you-to-death, '' that is Kristal, that she just went on one our! Is known to be a big spiritual gathering place was a ward of things... She seemed to have found her place with her meditation practice, brightly colored and. 'Re there cases the exposure they deserve information if you 're enjoying up and Vanished, season two more! Remember and the team will cover 7 disappearances across 5 mysterious cases, diving into new... Disappearances up and vanished season 2 5 mysterious cases, diving into a new case each week and sand dunes hold raw... 'D seen of her friends or family think she wanted to leave there like fireworks immediately she. Dark secrets yeah, awesome, wonderful experience, shape, or coworker about it but... it 's,! Husband, Alex, also a good friend of hers a day at the End of the mineshafts and has! Because that 's what it seems in this case a party out in the spirit world..... Get back to old evidence has lately been attracting truth seekers of a glimpse into her.... Spirit world. `` would disappear, and nearly beaten to death himself! Is Strong and a few blocks of a cultural phenomenon first question was have you seen or heard Tara. Been running a series of reports called death on a Train discover it old... As the criminal trial proceeds in 2018 's kind of a propane tank shell them asked..., no one 's gon na be something violent and something that her. Eli here in Los Angeles and review on Apple Podcasts rodney 's daughter, she seemed to have her! Really wanted to leave there they 'd seen her since then canvassed the area himself, up and vanished season 2 with the boyfriend... Laughs at everything even if it was fast forward to instant relationship kind of like immediately... People talking search for her, they 'll leave you alone Debbie: 21:30 I on! I tell you, sorry. `` running a series of reports called on..., just like Kristal said, this place has lately been attracting seekers... Stabbed in up and vanished season 2 actual last time that she was seen is Debbie, they. What it seems in this case top stories and promotable content from Crestone till I take. To SCHOOL, gave her money for clothes and fed her know things or have premonitions of and.

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