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Haley & Gus

Gus and I met at Houston First Baptist Church in April 2017. I had just moved to Houston and didn’t know a single person. When I got here, I knew I needed to find community and some girlfriends fast.  So, I visited Houston’s First and loved it! Over the course of the next 5 months Gus and I hung out in groups and got to know each other casually. I was so focused on my career, finding some girls to be friends with and the church that I never really thought twice about him.

Well apparently, that wasn’t the case for Gus. He had found out I LOVED dancing and asked if I wanted to take dance classes with a few of our friends for a couple months. I of course couldn’t say “No” so we both joined with 6 others. Both of my girlfriends kept asking “Does Gus like you? I think he really likes you Haley!”.. but I was so oblivious and totally in denial. I was enjoying my sweet and simple single life! Over the course of the next 2 month, Gus and I had the opportunity to not only learn how to dance with each other, but also serve with one another. We ripped down walls and pulled ruined furniture to the curbs every other day for weeks during hurricane Harvey. It was amazing to see Gus’ selflessness and servant leadership shine through during the darkest of days. (Praise God for men of God!!)

Around this time, one Sunday, Gus asked that we chat after church. During this sweet conversation, he admitted that he liked me and he wanted to intentionally pursue me and officially date me. Whoa! That came out of nowhere! I was totally unprepared and blindsided. He then proceeded to tell me – from memory – every one of my sister’s names, where they go to school and my parents names!! It was so thoughtful! I have a BIG family- even my close friends don’t know all my family members names! Lol. I was SO impressed. After he spills out his sweet heart to me, what do I do? I turn him down! I don’t know what I was thinking! I’m crazy! Lol. But, it was for good reason. The Lord had answered a 10 year long prayer of mine- the prayer that I would see singleness as a GIFT like Paul from the Bible did. That prayer was answered and I felt like I needed to fully enjoy and revel in it before stepping out of it. Gus understood, and lovingly let me walk away. I cried all the way home. I was so sad  that I made that decision, but I knew during that chapter it was the right decision. I got on the phone with my sister that night and said “Kelsey, what do I do now that I’ve met the man I know I’ve prayed for my entire life?”

Three months later, in December 2018, Gus came over for dinner at my house. He admitted he still felt the same way and would continue to quietly pursue me until I asked him to stop. After much prayer and wise counsel, I knew the time had come for me to accept his offer and enter into a relationship with him.  On December 4, we became officially. On December 7, we had our first kiss! On Sept 1, we got engaged and January 11 we will be married!

I’m grateful to God for his undeniably faithfulness and unwavering love in both of our lives. We love each other only because Christ first loved us. We know marriage will be hard and trying at times, but we’re excited to start this chapter- side by side with God as our center!!

Hair Stylist: Tease HTX//Floral Designer: HEB Blooms//Event Planner: Loose Ends Event Design//Event Venue: The Springs in Katy//Photographer: Mychelle LeVan Photography

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