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Stephanie & Joey

Joey and Stephanie met in August 2014 in their Petroleum Engineering Program at Texas Tech University. Stephanie walked into her Geology lab feeling nervous due to the class’s reputation. Until she saw Joey. He was known around the department for being very good at Geology, so she decided to ask him to be her lab partner. Joey happily agreed! Over the next few months, they met multiple times a week to study for all their classes and developed a friendship. Then, one night in November, Stephanie wanted to go watch a move and invited a few friends, including Joey. Joey was the only one able to join, so he asked Stephanie if he could take her out to dinner first. So that night, they enjoyed their first date at Jazz, a New Orleans themed Cajun restaurant.

The following summer, Joey moved to Oklahoma City and Stephanie moved to Tulsa for summer internships. At the end of the summer, they wanted to take their first vacation together, so they booked a trip to New Orleans! (They’ve since traveled to the Crescent City more than a dozen times!)

After graduation, they moved to Midland, TX to begin their careers. They learned to live together with their two pups and continued growing their passion for exploring new places (Guatemala is one of their favorite adventures.) Then, one afternoon while in the comfort of their home, 4 years after they became lab partners, Joey got down on one knee and asked Stephanie to be his wife. She was so excited she actually forgot to say “Yes!!” and Joey had to ask her again. They celebrated by drinking champagne by the pool and dreaming of where to elope.

Once their families changed their mind about eloping, they had to decide where to host their wedding. Joey is from Oklahoma and Stephanie is from California, so their families weren’t in the same location. So, if people were going to have to travel for the wedding, they wanted their guests to travel to a fun location that had a lot to offer. Then it hit them – New Orleans. They had grown to love the city so much that it only seemed natural to exchange vows there.

Stephanie’s favorite moment of their big day: I have two moments that really stand out to me. The first being the end of the ceremony, after we had been announced as husband and wife, when the brass band burst into the courtyard. All of the guests started waving their handkerchiefs and dancing and there was so much excitement in the air! It was the moment the party officially started. The second being right after the second line, while all the guests were being escorted into the reception. Joey and I snuck away into a private room to enjoy a meal and a glass of champagne together. It was such a calm, intimate moment and we had a chance to breathe and appreciated everything that just happened while alone together. We got to enjoy our incredible food and enjoy each other’s company before we started mingling with guests.

Joey’s favorite moment from their big day: My favorite moment was our first look. I got the chance to see my bride all dressed up for the first time in a private moment. I also really loved the second line. I initially didn’t want to have the second line, but after some convincing, I realized it would be a fun experience for our guests. I am very happy I changed my mind because it was one of the best experiences. I feel like it gave us the chance to incorporate the city that we loved so much into our own celebration and our guests still talk about it.

If Stephanie could change anything about the wedding: I wouldn’t have turned down the opportunity to do a first look with my dad. The first time he saw me was during the family photos and he started crying as soon as he saw me. I wish I would have had that as a private moment instead of in front of everybody.

If Joey could change anything about the wedding: I would have more people. We had 83 guests, which was great considering everybody had to travel, but everything turned out so great, I wish we would have invited even more people to share that day with us.

Dress Store: a&be//Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo//Dress Designer: Made With Love Bridal//Other: Edifice Protection Group//Other: Printer Paper & More//Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies//Musicians: Nola Violinist//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men’s Wearhouse//Other: Need A Ride Pedicabs//Bakery: Haydel’s//DJ: Calfee Productions//Cinema and Video: Bella Productions//Design and Decor: Firefly Ambiance//Lighting: Firefly Ambiance//Floral Designer: Herbivore Floral Designs//Band: Kinfolk Brass Band//Hair Stylist: Hair by Nicole Leigh//Makeup Artist: Melissa Vaccaro//Caterer: Hotel Mazarin//Ceremony Location: Hotel Mazarin//Event Planner: Amanda Price Events//Photographer: Sarah Mattix Photography

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