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Lindsay & Scott

Scott and Lindsay’s story started 4 years and 3 days prior to their engagement at the bar Hawthorne on U St. At the time, Lindsay was working on her Master’s in Art Therapy at Florida State University, and visiting friends in the DC, one of whom also worked at Deloitte. They both ended up at Hawthorne for mutual friends Holiday party when fate truly brought them together. Lindsay and her friends were playing a game that night called “odds are”. For those who haven’t heard of the game, it involves one person daring another person to do something, counting down “3, 2, 1…” and then both people say a number between 1-10. Only if they say the exact same number, do they have to go through with the dare. On a dare to “unbutton that random guy’s shirt button”, Lindsay hit the odds, and Scott happened to be that guy. After she went through with it, it truly was love at first sight and night. The two of them hit it off, dancing the night away until the bar shut down. Scott knew right away this was something special and would not be discouraged by her being in school in Florida.

Being the artist she is, Lindsay joked with Scott for living in DC and not going to the newly renovated Renwick Gallery, her favorite art Gallery. Scott took the opportunity to ask her to go there for their first date while she was still in town for the holidays. Fast forward four years, made up of long distance, living in Dupont Circle and then Arlington VA, Scott was finally ready to propose, and orchestrated what truly was a dream proposal and a walk down memory lane. Scott told Lindsay they were headed to the White House for a Christmas tour, the perfect distraction to get her back to the place they had their first date, neighboring the White House, the Renwick Gallery. As they got to the top of the stairs inside, Scott dropped to a knee, shocking Lindsay and himself at how emotional he was. Untraditionally, as Scott opened the ring box (purchased at Brilliant Earth in Georgetown) and instead of a ring, Scott had planted a button in its’ place. He then stood up unbuttoned a button on his shirt where he had hooked and hidden the ring. Lindsay melted and was on cloud nine, amazed at what Scott had pulled off. They celebrated with a short round of applause from the Renwick Patrons. Scott then turned Lindsay to introduce her to Sarah, a photographer from Nova Soul Imagery, who beautifully captured their day. Scott told Lindsay to trust him he had the whole day planned and it was just getting started.

After a brief photo shoot and soaking up their moment at the Renwick Gallery, they moved to the “2nd Photo Shoot Location”, to the place they first met, Hawthorne on U St. After a few pictures outside, they went to the 3rd floor, the floor they met on, where the words “you are exactly where you need to be” have coincidentally been painted on the wall since that night they met. Next, they made their way to the roof for one last surprise. Scott had organized their parents, Scott’s sisters, and 30-40 of their closest friends from the area to be waiting for them at the top of the stairs. Another truly genuine surprise, Lindsay couldn’t contain herself that Scott had kept this all a secret from her. The area was decked out with decorations, posters, even button cookies. Scott even made sure Hawthorne was serving the same specialty cocktail as the night they met. At last Scott had pulled it all off. All the stressing and planning to put together the perfect engagement day for his perfect girl and it had gone without a hitch. Scott gave a brief toast, thanking all in attendance and in the end, struggling to hold it together, as he ended with, “Lindsay is one the most kind and loving people I know, and I’m just happy that one of those things she loves is me.”

It truly was a magical day and they are looking forward to their wedding day at Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown Maryland in June 2021!

Museum: Renwick Gallery//Restaurant: Hawthrone//Photographer: Nova Soul Imagery

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