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Hannia & Mark

Please describe the day and place when you met each other first time, what you most remembered from the moment of your meeting?

“The first time we met was at a function for everybody to meet before medical school started. I had met her roommate initially and was speaking with her when Hannia came over. I immediately thought she was exactly my type. She said to me “don’t judge me” in a joking way as an admission of her carefree character and tendency to have a lot of fun.”

When and where was the proposal? How your partner asked?

“Her only stipulation was I could not ask on the stage of graduation. So I asked the day before. We had planned to have the families meet up at several tequila distilleries, where in the meantime myself and two other friends helped me arrange the engagement. The Tequila Distillery Casa Noble (Cofradia) had been shut down that day due to a birthday function of the owner, however they allowed us to tour their distillery for such a momentous occasion. My family arrived shortly before hers with the mariachi band in tow. Everybody including our close friends and my family hid out of sight behind huge antique wooden and cast iron doors. When her shuttle arrived everybody was in good spirits after a day of tasting tequila. I led Hannia by the hand until we arrived at a small bridge over a pond in front of the primary building where my family was hiding. I had a clay cup (traditionally used in that region for mixed punch drinks) where I hid the ring box. I got down on one knee and explained how much she meant to me- her response was “No I can’t believe it”, but then immediately corrected herself when she realized she said no and repeated “yes” over and over again.”

Tell me a bit about your Ring! Who designed it? Where was it purchased from? If there is a website you can refer to, please include it.

“It is a Rosenberg family heirloom and belonged to my grandmother. She was given the ring by my grandfather over 60 years ago.”

Event Venue: Mills House//Photographer: Charleston Photo Art LLC

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