Rustic Elegant Wedding in La Badia

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Sophie & Joe

Sophie & Joe chose this wonderful 6th century former Abbey for their destination wedding in Italy. This complex was built around the end of the 6th century and parts of the complex are referable to different construction phases that take us up to the 14th century. The mystical atmosphere, still present at this location, together with the succession of arches, mullioned windows, cornices and bare stone walls, all created an interesting play of volumes and we couldn’t wait to begin the design project.

We were immediately faced with two fundamental elements when developing this project: the desire of the couple for a minimal and natural atmosphere but with a modern and sophisticated look; on the other hand, the need to integrate and dialogue in a highly characteristic historical context.

The Religious ceremony was held in the Romanesque Church. Given the completely bare walls, the symmetrical, rigorous and monochromatic layout, the cleanliness of the forms, let alone the extraordinary cosmatesque pavement in multicoloured marble which is a true work of art, we proposed a natural decoration, based entirely on shades of green (almost in the absence of flowers) that offered a natural and somewhat wild effect.

The Premonstratensian ruin, which was probably a Chapter House, was of course the ideal place for the dining event. The suggestive ogival arch frames the city of Orvieto and the famous Duomo in the background. This evocative area allowed for guests to feel fully immersed in the history of the complex.

The mise en place was very simple and elegant. The bare table and the country chairs were the basic furnishings of our scenography. The centrepieces consisted of repeated series of floral compositions, in various tones of white and cream and greens: the result was very fresh, natural, casual and a little asymmetrical. Hundreds of candles, of all shapes and sizes, illuminated the table and indeed the entire evening.

Makeup Artist: Blbservice//Equipment Rentals: Vola Service//Caterer: CRAMST//Musicians: Alma Project//Floral Designer: Cristina Faluomi Fiorista//Event Venue: La Badia di Orvieto//Event Planner: Dream On Wedding Planner//Photographer: Claudio Fasci Photographer

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