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Paige & Semarr

Semarr and I met through mutual friends soon after Semarr moved to Houston. It started off as a fun night out and ended with me getting lost in a club on my way back from the restroom. In a frenzy of bodies, he found me and held my hand, leading me outside. We didn’t really know each other yet, but somehow, he made me feel safe.

Afterwards we started hanging out with our small group—Semarr and his one Houston friend, me and mine–the only problem was that the other two never showed up for anything, always leaving us alone. It was okay though. We just stopped inviting them!

Semarr and I became fast best friends. We hung out almost every day and saw each other every day at work. I managed a store at the mall and he worked loss prevention for another brand. I later realized that he could choose any Houston Area mall to work at, but he was only working at the same mall every day because he was madly in love with me. Then my little sister, Hayley, visited. She hung out with us for a day and only had one thing to say:

“He’s totally in love with you. And I think you might love him too.” I was like, “LOL no.”

A few weeks later we planned a group trip to Austin that ended up, of course, with just the two of us. I somehow got Semarr to hike with me, while I, naturally, lost my ID before we could even go out. Semarr drove me around Austin so I could play Pokémon Go, and I listened to “Sell me Candy” by Rihanna on repeat (my favorite song from high school) while he drove me. By the end of the day I had one thought: “OMG, he’s totally in love with me. And I think I love him too.”

It took another month before I felt confident enough to let on how I felt and how I was well aware of the way he’d felt, but everything turned out perfectly. I even said, “I love you,” first—approximately 3 minutes after we became official, over text while Semarr was away at a wedding.

Exactly one year into our relationship I was ready for our eternity. Semarr was everything to me. I literally never went home after we started dating. I essentially payed rent for a glorified storage until my lease was up. It didn’t matter though, because we were so happy.

The night before our one-year anniversary I got home from work to find Chipotle, red wine, and Phase 10 waiting for me. It was exactly what I needed after a ten-hour Saturday shift. I, naturally, beat him at cards as I gorged myself on faux Mexican food and fine Cabernet. Semarr played music. I admit that I get particularly hype after a few glasses I wine. I remember tripping on the carpet and falling on my butt while dancing around the apartment.

Then close to midnight, the music changed. “Religious” by NeYo came on and we slow danced in our living room. Semarr started telling me how much I meant to him and how happy he was about our last year. He looked at the clock and pointed out that it was officially our anniversary. I told him how in love I was, fighting through tears. Suddenly he got down on one knee! I had no idea what was happening because there was no way he was hiding a ring in his basketball shorts. Then he opened the ottoman and pulled out a small red box and I knew it was real. I was crying so hard that I didn’t know what the ring looked like for at least ten minutes. He asked the question an there was only one answer: YES!

So here we are!

We are so ecstatic and so in love it’s crazy. Every single day we thank God for helping us find each other and giving us the guidance we needed to grow into what we are. Everyone thinks we’ve had this whirlwind romance, but to us it’s been much simpler than anything before. I’ve found my lobster.

And as we like to say—we’re best friends and soulmates.

Linens and Coverings: Mydee’s Decor Plus//Dress Designer: A La Mode Bridal//Transportation: Sam’s Limousine & Transportation//Floral Designer: The Bloom Room//Cake Designer: Edible Moments//Caterer: Master Chef Catering//Calligrapher: Elias Paper Co.//Beauty: Vashae//Beauty: Atracktive Hair//DJ: J & A Entertainment//Dress Store: Brickhouse Bridal//Event Venue: The Springs in Katy//Photographer: Mychelle LeVan Photography

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